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Review: Contract Killer on Zeepad Android Tablet


Contract Killer is a title that I was very interested in reviewing on the the JXD S601 but couldn’t due to the lower screen resolution.  While the game played fine, there came a point where advancement was impossible due to the screen not showing all of the gameplay screen (the “buy” button was below the visible area stopping all advancement).  Using the newly arrived Zeepad though, I am able to finally review Contract Killer and let you know why it rocks.

Glu are getting a lot of headaches in the press due to their In App Purchase model, which personally, I think is much more fair than those in use by other companies (you buy credits Glu Credits that can be used in more than just a single application).  So far, I am quite far into Contract Killer and haven’t spent a dime, sure, I have been given plenty of opportunities to do so- which I have ignored.  Most of the time credits are needed to speed the informants who give out new missions and such (I don’t mind waiting five minutes to two hours or so for new missions from time to time).

Contract Killer is what I call a “turret defense” game (remember Incoming on the Sega Dreamcast?) where you are pretty much stationary while you fend off enemies coming into view from behind barriers and other obstructions.  Switching weapons on the fly is easily handled by a simple touch of an on-screen button.  Primary/secondary weapons are set in the store menu between levels so prepare for your next mission wisely.  In the store is where you replenish your ammunition, no bullets no beating levels.

Enemies react to your actions, though it is amazing how quickly they pinpoint your position after only one shot (in the movies it always took two shots).  Some enemies will run and hide then shoot at you while others will, stupidly, stand their ground and shoot it out with you where they are.  Enemies that hide do, somewhat, realistically lean out and shoot at you or flat out step into the open to fire back, though they usually don’t try and move around the level that much, opting to stay in one place and fling bullets your way (amazingly accurate too considering the distances being covered and their hit ratio).

Contract Killer is not a title that you may want to give the younger gamers in your house (the name should be a dead give away to that) and does feature realistic blood, falling bodies and the ever popular in gaming, “head shot” kill that is promoted quite a bit on-screen graphically and textually.  For the more mature audience that wants to be a sniper for hire (I was in early sniper training upon my discharge from the USMC, it wasn’t as fun as these games make it out to be) then here you go, it doesn’t get much better than this.  Fans of Konami’s arcade title, Silent Scope will be pretty close at home here, minus the sun bathing babes as hidden easter eggs to find.

Contract Killer by Glu Mobile
Platform: Android
Genre: Turret Defense/Sniper Game
Rated: Medium Maturity
Score: 85/100
Available now on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

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