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Review: Evertales on Android (Physical Buttons Do Make a Difference)

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Anyone that has read Gaming on Batteries for very long knows I am a gamer from back in the day. When I say that, I don’t mean from when the PS2 was released, I mean back when the Atari 2600 reigned supreme, I was there for the release of Pitfall for instance, though young, I was still interested in it. I have a thing for platforming games, I still enjoy a run around the Mushroom/Toadstool Kingdom and I enjoy the occasional Sonic speed run. That is why I am reviewing Evertales on Android, a platform not exactly known for it’s 2D/2.5D side scrolling action adventures (we have more than enough Bejeweled clones though).

At first, I thought this might end up being like Three Dirty Dwarves on Sega Saturn but Evertales is quite capable of being its own title standing on its own jokes, funny characters and goodness, those bosses in the later levels.

This is what 2D/2.5D games should have looked like on the N64 and up into the Dreamcast/PS2 era (who knows how cool they would be by now). Instead, publishers went on this tirade to force 3D ANYTHING down consumers throats (here is a clue, if all you produce is 3D games, then guess what will sell?). Evertales is not perfect but the problems are far outweighed by the good stuff.evertales android crescent moon games itunes google play android ios (1)

First, Evertales is decidedly not a Japanese born and bred adventure title, if you ever played Blades of Vengeance on Sega Genesis then you know what I mean as far as this style of game. There is nothing wrong with it, just that the design is a little rough around the finer points (like the water level and those platforms).

Playing on the JXD S7300 and using the built in screen to button program makes Evertales feel just like it should. Map everything to a button configuration that suits you and off you go with full access to the whole screen, no fingers blocking anything. Awesome times.evertales android crescent moon games itunes google play android ios (4)

Lets discuss the bosses, oh the bosses. These things are so big in some cases that the whole thing doesn’t fit on the screen. Crescent Moon Games have used a few good ways of fixing this problem, otherwise you would be fighting a bunch of feet or whatever is on the lower half of these monstrocities. Reminiscent of fighting a couple of the bosses in Dynamite Heady on Sega Genesis here but it works quite well as these things are truly scary the first time they make their presence known. The water boss actually had me wondering if I can somehow avoid it and advance without fighting it (I almost drowned as a child so there are lingering fears of water there).evertales android crescent moon games itunes google play android ios (5)

Evertales drops three characters in your lap (hot swapping is allowed during the level), each with his own attributes and weapons. Sir Jorgin brings gerth to the battle and a mean melee fighter while Arwick, the prerequisite Elf, brings a bow into battle and a double jump to reach higher/farther away (like in the water level) platforms. Lastly, we have Taragorn, an out of his mind monk type character that can levitate items (I have yet to find an area that requires his skills which could be bad design).evertales android crescent moon games itunes google play android ios (2)

Not as colorful as other 2.5D adventures like Clockwork Knight 1 & 2 on Sega Saturn or newer Sonic games on Android, Evertales holds its own quite well and throws the gauntlet down to demand more games like this. I hope companies accept the call and create them, we will buy them. To show my support, I actually purchased Evertales rather than asking for a review copy, the game is just that good. It boils down to this- if you want more games like this then support the devs/publishers that are creating them.

Evertales by Crescent Moon Games
Platform: Android (JXD S7300 used for review)
Genre: 2.5D Side Scrolling Action Adventure
Rated: Low Maturity on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Score: 82/100
Available now on Google Play and on iTunes.

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  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    I’m glad more Android Developer’s are embracing buttons and control’s! And as an Nvidia Shield owner I’m also happy that sites like this one are around!

    • Carl Williams

      We are working on covering the Shield. No one on staff has one and we are not reaching 5+ million a month so Nvidia doesn’t see value in supporting our site at the moment. Shame really.

      • Elronza Williams Jr.

        If you want I have no problem covering the Nvidia Shield for your site it would be an honor!

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