Review- Galactic Nemesis on Android, ZTE Maven

Overhead scrolling shooters are a staple of gaming.  They have been around since the early days with Space War on up to modern interpretations on mobile devices.  We have seen new renditions on the idea with titles like Mig 2D and even reboots like Sky Force 2014.  We have seen the classics revived with Raiden Legacy.  Those were all scrolling shooters similar to classics like 1942, which there is nothing wrong with.  With Galactic Nemesis we are going back just a little further in retrogaming.  All the way back to the early arcade days of titles like Space Invaders and Galaxian/Galaga.  Galactic Nemesis mixes a bit of all of these various games but holds true to the Galaga/Galaxian/Space Invaders formula quite well.

There are In App Purchases.  They are used to unlock the full game.  Just wanted to get that out up front before this review gets underway.  Our policy here at RGM is to review titles without purchasing In App Purchases.  This policy is in place because IAP can greatly influence the basic game.  We understand not all of our fans are capable/willing to purchase IAP.  Galactic Nemesis gives you, what feels like, a full game in the free download.  There are 12 long levels complete with a bothersome midboss and final end boss.  There is also a marathon run option once you beat all 12 levels.  If you purchase the IAP ($1.99 for the full game) then you get 48 levels and a series of other extras to play with.

There is a story but we all know the real interest in shooters is how challenging they are and if things blow up good.  The answer to both questions is, just about right for a retro shooter.

Take the time to power up your ship a bit, you will appreciate that later in the game.  As soon as you can, purchase the bottom, third ship, in the list.  It shoots three shots at once and is damn near unstoppable when the main gun is maxed out.

Enemies come in from three sides, so far never from the very bottom so you are safe there.  You can fly up into the formations to grab power ups and the like but be careful as that puts you in direct danger.  Enemies will only fire when they are swooping down to attack so be prepared for that.

I have played a ton of overhead scrolling shooters on Android and a lot of them are uninstalled rather quickly due to various problems.  The biggest, for me, is I am not a fan of “bullet hell” shooters but that is seemingly the genre that is overflowing with new shooters.  If you are more of a fan of retro arcade games then grab Galactic Nemesis.  Even if you don’t purchase the IAP for the full game, you will get a good 2 hour or so before you see the end of the main levels.

Galactic Nemesis by CS54 Inc
Platform: Android
Genre: Overhead scrolling shooter
Rated: E for Everyone
In App Purchases: Yes for additional levels
Available now on Google Play