Review: Gunman Clive for Nintendo 3DS eShop

Run and gun shooters have always been a favorite genre of mine.  Mega Man on the NES is one that really hooked me on gaming in general.  So, when something is compared to that 8-bit classic, I tend to take notice.  Gunman Clive on the Nintendo eShop is a game that draws comparisons to Capcom’s blue bomber.  Is that justified?  Does it put too much expectation on a $2 downloadable game?  I’ve been disappointed before by games that were compared to some of my favorites, but I am happy to report that Gunman Clive does not disappoint.

The game has 20 stages of run and gun action where you must save the damsel in distress from the clutches of the evil kidnappers.  Tired of playing the cliched guy saves girl?  This game lets you turn the tables and play as Clive’s girlfriend, who has to save Clive.  There is also a third playable character to unlock.
Each stage is bite sized.  Perfect for a mobile game, which makes sense, as this game is also available on iOS and Android devices.  Don’t try to speed run at first, though.  You can only survive by not taking hits.  Get shot once and you’re finished.  Most of the stages can be completed in a minute or less, although some have different sections within them.  All in all, Gunman Clive is an outstanding addition to anyone’s 3DS menu.  At $2, it won’t break the bank and, while the stages are short, they are memorable nonetheless.  3d visuals are included, but don’t bring that much more enjoyment here.  The art style and button controls really make this title stand out on the 3DS much more than the touch control versions on iOS and Android.
Gunman Clive by Hörberg Productions
Genre: Platformer, Run and Gun shooter
Rated: E 10+
Score:  75 out of 100
Available now on the Nintendo 3DS eShop