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Review: Gunslugs Free from OrangePixel on the JXD S7300 Android Tablet

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Let’s get something out of the way right now.  If pixelated graphics bother you then definitely, skip this review and go read something else here on Gaming on Batteries because Gunslugs is an unabashed throwback to the retro days of gaming.  OrangePixel have a reputation for giving their games old school graphics but solid gameplay and at the end of the day, gameplay is still king.

Running through the 2D levels blasting pixelated enemies with obviously oversized bullets is quite a bit of fun.  Enemies come in inundating wave after wave, thankfully they can be dispatched with a bullet or two (not sure exactly how many as I hammer the fire button).  

Gunslugs is Xperia Optimized so S7300 owners can use the physical controller buttons by default which makes the game a lot easier to enjoy (touch only fans can simply use the onscreen buttons with no modification so both camps are catered to out of the box).  If you are in the mood for an 8-Bit style throwback title that hearkens to the likes of Contra by Konami or just about anything Metal Slug then you will be right at home with Gunslugs Free, it does what OrangePixel intended to quite well.

Gunslugs Free by OrangePixel
Platform: Android
Genre: Sidescrolling retro action
Rated: Everyone on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes.
Score: 80/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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