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Review: He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe on iOS

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He-Man and me go way back, WAY back to the early days of my childhood.  I was born in 1976 which puts me right in the prime age group for He-Man when it originally aired on television and I took full advantage of it.  I spent my summers working odd jobs for my parents or for neighbors and then spent my earnings on He-Man merchandise such as figures, comics and video cassettes (before DVD and Blu-ray we had to actually REWIND our entertainment).  The only other game I can remember ever trying was the abysmal Atari 2600 He-Man title (I never played the GBA game though I have heard it was not that good).


Much like the fan service that we saw with the Transformers G1: Awakening  title (reviewed in issue #1 of Gaming on Batteries Magazine), He-Man is a ton of fan service with a few hiccups that can be forgiven since they don’t break the game in any way.  First up, the characters look like their cartoon counterparts from the original series (this version ignores the 2002 reboot and many of the other “wild” off shoots over the years).  Skeletor’s laugh sounds like the original voice actor, at least close enough to fool anyone that hasn’t watched the series rather recently on either Netflix or on a DVD collection.

The enemy list is a little weird as we have Skeletor’s henchmen running around and acting as the bosses of the levels while we have Hordacks minions playing sword fodder for He-Man.  This is a different situation as far as I can remember, Skeletor and Hordack are not exactly BFF’s in the world of He-Man.  Maybe I missed the story announcement explaining this unique partnership – at least She-Ra is included here so it isn’t all that out of place to have her nemesis and his warriors running around.

Control is pretty simple, touch the left half of the screen to move He-Man and touch the right half to attack and swipe to jump.  Easy as pie to figure out and easy to handle.  The only problem I have encountered so far is actually turning He-Man around to face the opposite direction – it is harder than it should be to accomplish.

80′s cartoon fiends will love to see this game and will have already dropped the buck on it to enjoy it.  What other games from the 80′s would be awesome to see in game form next?  Is a cool G.I. Joe game coming?  Was there a cool G.I. Joe game, ever?

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe by Chillingo
Platform: iOS (iPod Touch 4th Gen used for Review)
Genre: Side scrolling action platformer/Nostalgic throwback 80′s cartoon game
Rated: 9+ on iTunes
Score: 87/100
Available now on the iTunes App Store.

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