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Review: Hellfire by Mobage on the Zeepad 7″ Android Tablet

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To stand out in the world of gaming is  a tough proposition for many companies, the competition is stiff and only getting harder to differentiate from.  Mixing genres is an option many companies go for to make their game stand out to players, the mixture has to be just right or the result is a mess with only a few features from each genre and nothing substantial enough to pull in players.  Mobage hit the nail on the head with Hellfire’s mixture though.

Charged with closing the gates to hell, players will find themselves in a collectible card game mixed with a role playing game and adventure title all in one.  Featuring over 600 chapters, many with multiple battles, downloadable content and an interesting mix of gameplay, Hellfire is just fun to play.

At first, what seems like some kind of weird flick game quickly becomes a game of strategy and upgrading of your deck of cards to become more powerful (don’t bother upgrading cards and bosses WILL hand you your butt regularly).  Much like more direct collectible card games, Hellfire features various elements for the types of cards that are in play and the enemies are represented by elements themselves.  Through a four way “rock-paper-scissors” battle system (ever play any of the Fire Emblem games?), Hellfire’s elements are strong against one and weak against another (the battle system is present during battle in case you forgot).

While I just got done busting on The Hobbit: Kingdoms for being a menu game, I could almost do the same with Hellfire except there is something resembling fun being derived from this game- which was lacking in that movie licensed interactive screensaver.  Close the gates of hell in Hellfire or forever live with the knowledge that all hell broke loose because of you.

Hellfire by Mobage
Platform: Android
Genre: Adventure, Collectible Card Game, Role Playing Game, Action RPG
Rated: Medium Maturity on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes.
Score: 82/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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