Review: Lode Runner X on Android

Bandit Gaming is a term we use to describe games that are not endorsed by the publisher in some form.  This could be a port to a new platform, add-ons etc.  Basically, games featured under this banner are unofficial in some manner, for instance here, Lode Runner X is not officially supported on the JXD S601.  I couldn’t let that stand in my way of covering it though.  Since it is a free app, you can find it somewhere other than Google Play and sideload it on your JXD S601.

There isn’t much of a story available for LRX (in fact, Sony Mobile Com- SMC- didn’t include one at all in their description), just run around, avoid the enemies and grab the gold- pretty simple.  Considering there are over 130 levels, eventually the task is going to be anything but simple or easy (who would want it any other way anyhow?).  LRX is Xperia Play opitmized so it offers support for the hardware buttons of the JXD S601 (gotta love compatibility).  This compatibility with Xperia Play is the biggest reason to purchase a JXD device (the physical controls are pretty compatible).

Controls work great, your little gold miner turns when told to, can’t jump but he climbs ladders and swings from overhead hand holds like no ones business.  Dialed in controls are something of a necessity for these types of games, especially considering there are baddies after you (they do a little dance when they capture you- the first few times per new monsters can be funny- after that, it really taps on the revenge nerve we all have).

lode runner x android logo

LRX does exactly what an update should do, the graphics and sounds are all new and 3Dish (move around the screen and you will see what I mean).  Nice little touches here and there (mine cars run their routes, monsters dancing in joy after defeating you, etc) all add to the overall package that the developers wanted to deliver.  Updates are not usually handled like this, LRX is obviously a labor of love and it shows.

There is a bit of history included for those that are new to the game series (myself included).  Interesting and cool that the developers would include stuff like that, it just shows the level of involvement the dev team had with this project.  More titles should include tidbits like this when they can.

JXD S601 Specifics:

The JXD S601 handles Lode Runner X beautifully, there are no hiccups, no slow downs or other problems that I experienced while playing.  Controls work though I would suggest using GameKeyboard to remap your left and right hole digging functions to something a little more comfortable (default is not “horrible” just annoying).  With over 130 levels, players will be appreciative of the support for physical buttons.

Lode Runner X by Sony Mobile Communications
Platform: Android
Rating: Everyone
Available on Google Play