Review: Mig 2D Retro Shooter on Android Using the JXD S7300

All too often newer games take the pixelated look only in an effort to get gamers that are interested in retro gaming to download the game. Sometimes, developers get the underlying game right and have a potential hit with the fans. Herocraft have just such a title here with Mig 2D: Retro Shooter on Android.

First of all, what many of you are probably thinking, what retro shooter is Mig 2D closest to? It obviously takes a page out of the 1942 book as far as the look but the powerup system and the combos are straight out of newer “bullet hell shooters”.

Taking on the challenge of Mig 2D is pretty easy. I was able to clear many levels before I died. I am not saying this is a pushover for a game, it is just easier than I expected. It is like Herocraft knew this was the case because there is a lot of variety in the levels to keep you interested in “playing one more level”. You may be flying over ice covered lands taking out World War I era bi-planes then you start seeing streets criss crossing the level and you are taking land to air fire all the while racking up points and combos based on keeping the enemy blowing up at a regular clip.

mig2d retro shooter (3)

Controls are just like any other scrolling shooter on Android, touch the screen and move your finger around. Auto fire handles the blasting of the enemy so you are not having to constantly tap the screen. I usually keep my finger a quarter inch below my ship so I can better dodge incoming fire but this poses a problem with avoiding enemy artillery coming in from the bottom of the screen.

The retro feel is screaming loud and clear with Mig 2D Retro Shooter, it better since Herocraft put “retro” in the name of the game. While a free download, you can pay to remove the advertising (it is sometimes annoying but not a “deal breaker” if you are looking to just enjoy some good old style scrolling shooting on your Android device.

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Mig 2D: Retro Shooter by Herocraft
Platform: Android
Genre: Overhead Scrolling Shooter
In App Purchases: Yes (Unlock ad free game, extra lives, etc)
Why We Are Covering This: Overhead scrolling shooters have been around since the early days of gaming.
Rated: Medium Maturity
Available now on Google Play