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Review: Pac-Man + Tournaments on Android

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Pac-Man, a gaming staple since nearly the beginning and a title that is a timeless title.  From the music to the graphics, that impression on the subconscious is permanent once you play a few mazes, even if it has been years.  Right now, you are probably imagining the sound effects and hearing that “whomp whomp” in your head.

Rather than releasing just another version of Pac-Man, Namco Bandai has chosen to release a special version of their age old title, a version that rocks on many levels and is what I consider the leader of how to do retro right.  Weekly tournaments that feature real world prizes, leader boards and new different mazes all help to bring old school fans back into the fold and to bring the original game into the challenging world of gaming today

“PAC-MAN was the first video game available for Android phones back in 2008, and with PAC-MAN +Tournaments™, we’re excited to expand our Google Play lineup with a game that revitalizes that beloved gameplay for a whole new group of fans,” said James Kucera, Head of Mobile, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. “My favorite part is the balance of new and old — players will be excited about the new Tournament mode, while the leaderboards and friend system harken back to the competitive arcade atmosphere from PAC-MAN’s beginnings.” .

Playing Pac-Man + Tournaments with touch controls is a breeze as the game responds quickly and is just as frustrating/cool as it was the first time you picked it up.  I say frustrating because, well, I suck at Pac-Man, I love playing it but I don’t get very far per game and +  Tournaments is the perfect reason for me to keep playing.  Why?  Cumulative scoring.  While I will probably never win a tournament, I am currently placing in the 100 to 150 range for the day, I am still having a blast playing and seeing how I rank.

Pac-Man + Tournaments brings a lot to the table to restore itself as a game that everyone who is a retro, no- everyone that is a gamer in general, should have on their tablet or phone.  New items to nab, new and original mazes and that classic challenge are all present in + Tournaments.  Grab Pac-Man _Tournaments now, it is free, and I will see you on the leader boards- my screen name is “triverse”.

Pac-Man + Tournaments by Namco Bandai
Platform: Android (JXD S7300 used for review)
Genre: Retro + Upgrades
Rated: Low Maturity
Score: 89/100
Available now on Google Play.

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