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Review: Paper Monsters by Crescent Moon Games on the Zeepad Android ICS 7″ Tablet

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Side scrolling action platform games on portable devices that don’t carry the Nintendo lable are rarer than rooster’s teeth nowadays, that is why it is so awesome to see one available on Android.  Paper Monsters by Crescent Moon Games is just that, a 2.5D action adventure title with its roots firmly planted in the 16-Bit days of platforming bliss.  If you remember playing games like Astal, Clockwork Knight 1 and 2 on Sega Saturn or have enjoyed the more recent Sonic 4 Episode 1 and 2 then you will be right at home with Paper Monsters.

Comparisons are flying left and right between Paper Monsters and Little Big Planet and honestly, PM does have a similar style in the graphics but still manages to contain its own aura and not come off as a rip off of Sony’s game.  For one, Paper Monsters players can’t make their own levels, the ones that are present (and new ones added from time to time for free) are great and complex enough to hold your interest.  Paper Monsters levels and enemies do look like they are made of paper mache and cardboard, a great look that I hope they continue to use in future releases in this series.

One thing that Paper Monsters adds to the genre is fun.  Similar titles on Android are just plain tough for all of the wrong reasons (such as not being able to control your character in a jump).  Crescent Moon have done their homework and avoided nearly all of the pitfalls of other action platformers in recent times.  Touch controls on the Zeepad are responsive, only in certain areas where a lot of enemies are on screen will you find trouble with the controls.  Unfortunately, this happens at a key point in level three that caused me a TON of deaths and restarts, but didn’t stop me from enjoying the rest of the game or pushing through the trouble spot.

Grab Paper Monsters now, it is less than a buck and just as good as anything I have seen on other portable platforms lately that cost 25 to 30 times as much.  Basically, you can’t beat the fun you will have for the price.

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Paper Monsters by Crescent Moon Games
Platform: Android
Genre: 2.5D  Action/Adventure Platforming
Rated: Everyone
Score: 80/100
Available now on Google Play.

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