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Review: Pixel Kingdom on Android (Forget Plants vs Zombies and Just Kick Orc Butt)

Pixel Kingdom Google Play Android JXD S7300 plants vs zombies review (4)

It is no secret that when Plants vs Zombies was released of so many years ago, it changed the way tower defense games were perceived by the public.  Gone were the preset, trails that enemies would follow around the screen that were usually hard to make out on smaller screens.  Gone were the weird power ups and enemies that it would, presumably, take a college degree to figure out.  Everything was simplified and made easy to understand.  Pixel Kingdom by SmashGames continues that tradition of non-tower defense tower defense. While similar to Plants vs Zombies, Pixel Kingdom does have some major differences.

Sure the bad guys start on the right in both games and they take their time coming across the screen at various speeds.  There is a resource collection that is on a preset timer (mana vs sunlight) and you use that to pay for new units.  This is pretty much where the similarities end (outside of the same vantage point) between Pixel Kingdom and Plants vs Zombies. In PK, when you place a unit, they trounce off to the right side of the screen, taking on any enemies that appear in their path.  Some like flying witches can change lanes repeatedly making it tough to keep the out of your fortress.  When an enemy gets across the screen, you lose on hit point (which is gracious since it is one hit point no matter what enemy makes it).  The same happens when you have units make it across the screen to the enemy fortress though the damage is dependent on the value of the unit (a little fighter that cost five mana will cause five damage while a Knight will cause 20 points). Strategy plays a bigger role here than it did in PvZ, at least it feels that way.  Since units are not permanently placed, you are more free to dynamically face the enemies coming rather than being stuck with bad defense placement.  If you see a ton of enemies on the top line (of three- top, middle and bottom) then you can focus reinforcements there to face the challenge. Units can be upgraded in the Guild if you earned gems throughout the game and weapons can be upgraded in the Shop using experience/gold that you earn  for defeating enemies.  So far, I have yet to see any advertising (unless you count the mention of liking them on Facebook)  but there are in app purchases so parents beware of that. For gamers that want to collect things, there are trophies that will keep you busy for awhile.  None are out of the question for hardness (like some Playstation 3 trophies that I have heard of).
The graphics will probably turn off more fans than it will bring into the flock which is a shame.  To those that dismiss Pixel Kingdom based on the graphics, it is your loss.

Pixel Kingdom by SmashGames
Platform: Android
Rated: Low Maturity
Score: 88/100
Available now on Google Play.

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