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Review: Plasma Sky for Android Using the JXD S7300 Tablet

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Overhead shooters have been reported as a dying breed around here for quite awhile but truth is, they are seeing a slight resurgence in the gaming world.  Innovation is returning to the genre, no longer are developers simply relying on nostalgia to garner a purchase and download when they release a retro styled shooter.   Spikepit Games have gone full on retro with Plasma Sky and have hit pay dirt in a big way.

As usual, movement is accomplished by touching the screen and moving around.  Shots are auto fired, and death is imminent here.  The basics of this genre are there.  What sets Plasma Sky apart is the graphic style chosen by the developers- we are talking multi-colored, outlined evil space creatures bent on your destruction. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some may be turned off by the graphic style, opting for something with more pizazz but that would be a big mistake.  Plasma Sky has that cool essence about it that makes you want to come back and play more- like Raiden did that first time you played it.  Enemies come at you from all over, not just the top of the screen while bosses are definitely hellbent on ending your game as quickly as possible.

Retro gamers will probably relate the graphic style of Plasma Sky to those of the Vectrex, an older console (yes there were consoles before Playstation and Xbox) released in the early 1980′s.  The Vectrex used lines to draw everything on-screen and then depended on the user to place colored overlays on that screen (it was built in) to provide a bit of color variety to the graphics.  Plasma Sky is like a Vectrex game on steroids- it is awesome.

Old school shooter fans, grab Plasma Sky- you won’t regret it.

Plasma Sky by Spikepit Games
Platform: Android
Genre: Overhead Retro Shooter with Teeth
Rated: Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Score: 90/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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  • ExK

    There is a new game on iTunes and Google Play called ‘Orion Nebula’. Like plasma sky, it’s a SHMUP with thrilling, colorful space battles accompanied by adrenalin-pumping techno music. It has a 20-level campaign with 14 enemy types offering unique challenges.

    • Carl Williams

      Awesome. Checking it out now. Thanks for the tip!

      • ExK

        welcome :) .

  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    Man this is one beautiful game!

    • Carl Williams

      I agree. Plasma Sky is quite pretty and fun to boot. You don’t see that often.

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