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Review: Raiden Legacy on JXD S601 Android Hand Held


Back in the day, we took games like Raiden for granted, the genre was overpopulated so to speak, there were tons of scrolling shooters available on all platforms.  Even with all of that competition, the quality of Raiden was able to stand out and spawned quite the following with fans.  Now, years later, Raiden has been resurrected, along with several additions to the franchise (though no sign of Raiden II which only ever hit the Playstation One).

For one low price, fans get four titles, the original Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet (someone must have started using the Neo Geo naming scheme there).  What gamers get here is a pretty faithful recreation of one of the hardest arcade shooters out there and three additional titles that rock on the S601.  I have never experienced the Raiden Fighter games in any other form than here on the S601 and let me tell you, they are pretty freaking sweet.  While I am a diehard fan of the original Raiden, the Fighter series holds the family crest high and proud.

raiden android overhead shooter plane

Controlling the games can be accomplished through either touch controls or using the physical buttons though this is where the problems kick in for me and my trip down nostalgia lane.  I could not find any way to rearrange the controls to match the game play (the games only play with the S601 being held on end, with the thumb pad and buttons on top or bottom).  What happens here is I was forced to play the games with wonky controls or use a stylus to get accurate touch controls (remember the S601 has a single touch resistive screen).

Graphically and audio-wise, the S601 ran all of the Raiden games on offer without a hitch and quite well actually.  Even when there is all hell breaking loose onscreen, there is nary a hiccup or pause (quite impressive for a single core, 512 meg device when you see these games in action).  I would wholeheartedly recommend this set of games to anyone other than the fact that, well, get ready to have your butt handed to you in each game, even after hours of practice, you will suck at Raiden and the game will laugh at you as it throws more and more enemies, ammunition and explosions your way.

Raiden Legacy by DotEmu
Platform: Android, JXD S601
Genre: Overhead Shooter, Arcade Port
Rated: Low Maturity on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes.
Score: 85/100
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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