Review – Retroid Nintendo Game Boy Homebrew

Out of all of the games that we see receive fan homages regularly one genre seems to be forgotten just as often.  That is the Arkanoid style brick breaker game, also known as Breakout.  Well, the developers behind Retroid for the Nintendo Game Boy certainly remember those two classics.  Sure, the Game Boy already received a really good version called Alleyway (which featured Mario on the box).  Independent homebrew developers to the rescue.

According to our friends over at Retrocollect, there are over 20 levels to complete and six power up items to use.  There is even a boss battle to deal with in Retroid.  How cool is that?  That is something that was certainly missing from the original Breakout because it was just screen after screen of blocks and a bouncing ball.  Retroid has a lot of that but also has additional things of interest that mix up the gameplay a bit.

The graphics in Retroid should work fine on real hardware, if you have a flash cart available, as the ball is the only thing really moving at any great speed.  As with Breakout, Arkanoid and Alleyway, you are going to get frustrated as you get down to one or two bricks left and that ball won’t go near them no matter how you hit it from your paddle.

Retroid is pretty simple in graphics though the detail work is better than Breakout.  Some blocks are detailed, looking like pipes and futuristic items.  There are backgrounds to help break up the monotony of brick breaking and some blocks require many hits to make them disappear.

From my playing of Retroid I have seen a few different block types to remove, levels that end abruptly after collecting a certain power up and generally enjoyed my time with the game.  There are enough, in my opinion, things here that are new to bring in gamers that may be sick of the genre (if you are, what games have you been playing?).  Go grab Retroid for free from their site and just enjoy the simple gameplay it contains.

Grab your copy off the Retroid website, it is free.