Review: Retroships on Android

Overhead scrolling shooters are as retro as can be, they are one of the first styles of game created way back in the day (I am counting Asteroids and Space Invaders here folks). Unlike Mig 2D: Retro Shooter, RetroShips is going for the straight up retro shooter style of overhead gaming. Weapons, enemies and level designs harken back to the good old days of NES shooters but with some slight improvements in the graphics department (not too much though, just enough to be interesting for modern gamers).

Okay, controls. All of these Android/iOS shooters use the same control scheme, you either love it hate it. Personally, I hate it but there is not exactly a large user base of devices that have physical controls like a Nintendo 3DS or Sony Playstation Vita so I have to get over that small problem. The thing is, it comes into play more often than not in these overhead scrolling shooters, especially when there are enemies coming up from the bottom of the screen as they do in RetroShips. This is something I probably should get over but it is hard when you are required to block a portion of the screen with your finger.  This is in all of these overhead shooters on mobile platforms so it is not going anywhere anytime soon.


Okay, now the gripefest is over, onto the good stuff. As with most shooters that are thought of in well regards, things in RetroShips blow up nicely. According to the Google Play page, there are 600 frames of animation for the explosions, sounds legit. Much like playing Fester’s Quest on the NES, there are power down items that need avoiding, nothing worse than facing a swarm of enemies and mistakenly downgrading your firepower a couple of times over (tip- avoid blue “powerups”).


The bosses are definitely straight out of old school shooters. Big, monstrous and able to take more than their share of your firepower and still intimidate you to continue trying. Taunting you is a good term for their attitude towards you and your puny ship.


With over 30 levels total, not requiring any kind of social network integration to play and supplying a nice challenge makes RetroShips worth your time. Take a trip back to the mid 80’s and just play. Man, that is wild, JUST PLAYING a game today without having to connect to social media to enjoy the game.

RetroShips by TLD Games
Platform: Android (Using the JXD S7300)
Genre: Overhead scrolling shooter
Why are we covering this? Overhead scrolling shooters are as retro as you can get.
Rated: Low Maturity
Available now on Google Play