Review- REVO K101 Plus Game Boy Advance Clone System

Okay, you may be thinking, why do I need a Game Boy Advance (GBA) clone?  Well, if it is the K101 Plus then the real question I have for you, after you read my review, is why haven’t you ordered yours yet?  This thing is quite cool and the extras that it offers over the official Game Boy Advance are quite desirable options. 

The REVO K101 Plus offers TV-Out which is great for those times that you are interested in gaming on the big screen.  This option can easily come in handy if you have videos on the micro-SD card.  Before you cry wolf on that statement saying the screen is too low resolution to be worth it.  The REVO K101 Plus has a much, much, higher resolution screen than the original Game Boy Advance.  That comes in handy in many ways.  For instance, GBA games look phenomenal on the REVO K101 Plus thanks to that increased resolution.

Shaped like the original Game Boy Advance, directional pad on left and action buttons on the right, gives the REVO K101 Plus a familiar feel.  While not shaped the same, the feel is there for anyone that has playing portables over the years (very few have done the vertical Game Boy/Color/Advance SP style).  This just works so well.  Kudos to REVO for going with this style with the K101 Plus.  It works and that is what matters.

What is in the box:
1 REVO K101 Plus (your choice of colors)
1 K-card
2 screen protectors
1 USB Charger
1 TV-Out cable

There is built in support for plenty of systems:
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Color
Sega Game Gear
Sega Master System
Turbo Grafx-16

Some of these systems such as the Sega stuff and the Turbo Grafx-16 may require some tweaking in the menu to get them running at full speed.  My experience with these platforms was on par with what the official Game Boy Advance was capable of.  NES games are little squished so role playing games are a little tough to read.  Not a deal breaker, but annoying that they are not as crisp as the GBA games on the REVO K101 Plus screen.  This is probably a limitation of the emulator used, PocketNES, than the hardware itself.

I mostly play GBA homebrew on my REVO K101 Plus and so far, it all runs just fine.  I have tried a few GBA games on it and they are crisp and run at full speed.  The REVO K101 Plus has replaced my regular Game Boy Advance SP, with flash cart.  That is saying something as I have had that thing for a decade or so now and played it nearly daily.  Now, it is relegated to the electronics drawer thanks to the REVO K101 Plus.

To purchase your REVO K101 Plus you can click here or click the handy banner on top of our page there.  You will enjoy the experience.