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Review – Running Fred on JXD S601 Android Hand Held


Running games are seemingly the genre of choice for mobile gaming, much like 2D platforming was the mascot genre for the 8 and 16-BIt eras. 3D ones are more interesting to me than the 2D running games and that brings us to Running Fred.  Fred, not the Youtube dude, has been seen previously in a 3D falling game and now is trying his luck at escaping death in a 3D running game. Similar to Temple Run, Running Fred is all about out running an enemy (Death) through randomly generated levels ripe with mayhem and trouble.

Fred has Temple Run beat in the graphics, moves and items departments by a long shot- not to mention freemium additions. Starting with the graphics, Fred has the more varied locales from dungeons to castles to sewers to expansive flying levels outside. The areas that Fred is sent through are different from each other and randomly generated which adds to the variety.

Unique to Fred, so far, are the items that can be purchased with coins that are collected in the levels. While other running games had items in them, they were limited by the presentation chosen for the game. In Running Fred, you can purchase better gripping shoes, wall jumps, double jumps, etc. Nice touch which gives reason for collecting the coins, or going out of your way and risking certain death to grab higher value coins in inconvenient places.

Running Fred is a freemium title, packs of levels, costumes and other in game niceties can be purchased and implemented if you are inclined to drop a few bucks here and there. No in app purchased items were used for this review. Why? Because we want players to know what they can expect from the outset. Besides, we feel it is unfair to score a game based on having a financial edge over what other gamers may be able to afford- if you have to spend $5 to make the game enjoyable, is it really worth the title of “free”?

Running Fred reminded me quite a bit of games like Mario 64 (more or less), Crash Bandicoot (moreso) and even Jumping Flash on PSOne. The game just feels like a hyper focased action title that would seem right at home on the 3DS or PS Vita with normal controls (i.e., not a running game).

Running Fred by Dedalord
Platform: Android
Genre: 3D Running Game/Freemium
Rated: Medium Maturity
Score: 88/100
Available now on Google Play.

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