Review: Shadow Blade on Android Using the JXD S7300 (Pst…Shinobi Fans, get this game)

It is sometimes tough trying to figure out what to cover and what to ignore here on RGM. On the one hand, covering newer titles is a good way to bring retro and modern gaming together in an almagation of games but on the other, it is an easy way to alienate the fanbase. Covering games that have retro ties, while the easy route, doesn’t happen as much as gamers would like it (when is the last time a new Contra game was released for instance?). Then there are games like Shadow Blade, ones that are homages to retro games in key areas. Crescent Moon Games have set their sites on Sega’s classic Shinobi and infused modern play design to make an interesting title called Shadow Blade.

Playing Shadow Blade feels a lot like playing a newer Shinobi title- 2.5D, side scrolling ninja action. Jumping enemies, slashing them down and climbing walls with double jumps and flips that would make Batman and Strider proud are all over the place here. While the levels are on the shorter side, they are a little bit like what you would expect from a casual Metroidvania title. These are not super huge, need a map to find your left foot, affairs but more concise, forward thinking levels. Should you at least drop into that pit and see what is down there or ignore it and the chance of getting a perfect score on the level? By avoiding it you may miss a perfect score but you also avoid possible death, which comes FAST in this game.Shadow Blade android shinobi retro action ninja (4) Shadow Blade android shinobi retro action ninja (1)

This is what a casual ninja game should be like. There are no complicated button combinations to learn or anything of the sort. Just simple controls and fast action with interesting level design and clear goals/dangers. Crescent Moon Games have proven they are a quality developer with titles such as Paper Monsters (another 2.5D action platform classic on Android) and now Shadow Blade.

Shadow Blade android shinobi retro action ninja (2)

Shadow Blade by Crescent Moon Games
Platform: Android
Genre: 2.5 Side Scrolling Action
In App Purchases: Yes to unlock full game
Why We Are Covering This: 2.5D side scrolling action with strong ties to Shinobi, Batman (NES) and Strider (Arcade)
Rated: Medium Maturity on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and iTunes