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Review: Spellwood on Android (Street Fighter II Meets Scrabble)

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My first interaction with Spellwood was actually by accident, I was on Google Play and checking out games and discovered this word game by Sega.  Interested, I checked into it more and found out that there was a free version so I downloaded that but I was not to enjoy Spellwood at that time.  It was not compatible with either the S601 or the Zeepad, or the handful of other Android devices I have available so I couldn’t play it.  It was listed as compatible with both devices but the graphics were all messed up so it was kind of pointless to play.  Now that I have an S7300 (available now at Willgoo.com, one of our advertisers here at GoB) Spellwood can finally be enjoyed.

If you are a little confused as to what exactly Spellwood is based on the pictures, it is a type of “Battle Scrabble”.  Sega has mixed up Scrabble elements (the board, letters on tiles, points for spelling accepted words and multipliers randomly placed on the board) and Street Fighter II basics such as varying power levels of attacks, hit points and an opponent bad mouthing your character.

Spellwood also doesn’t follow the lead of other titles in the word game area.  Here, tiles are usually removed after the next move so the board is constantly being changed, strategies updated and reworked and even scrapped because letters you were depending on are now gone from the board.  This is great as it keeps the game flowing and moving forward rather than becoming a search for an open tile to place that last “Z” tile or “X” one to finish your pile.  That is the key here though, if you run out of tiles and your opponent is still alive, or has tiles, then you lose so spell big words and drop some major pain on your opponent as quickly as possible.

Spellwood won’t be for everyone, it does take a bit of time to get used to (about five seconds) and is unique in the genre so grab the free version (Google Play/iTunes) and try that first before getting the full version (Google Play/iTunes).

Spellwood: Word Game Adventure
Platform: Android (JXD S7300 used for review)
Genre: Battle Scrabble
Rated: 9+ on iTunes.
Score: 79/100
Available now on Google Play (Free version) and the iTunes App Store (Free version).

Interested in purchasing a JXD S7300 yourself?  Check out our review and then hit Willgoo.com for great bundles and deals on this powerful portable.

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