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Review: Storm of Magic on iOS (Tower Defense Gets Major Face Lift)

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While I am a fan of titles like Plants vs Zombies 1 and 2 and Pixel Kingdom, I am not a fan of traditional tower defense games.  I prefer the aforementioned titles, even though they are not that different, which are known as “lane defense”.  That is why it is with good reason that I am reviewing Storm of Magic on iOS here.  The game is good, good graphically, good in getting me interested in what is going on  and good at keeping my attention.  All things other tower defense games have failed at.

The usual fantasy related storyline is present here so I won’t bother recapping it (it is available on the iTunes page).  Instead, let’s discuss the parts that make Storm of Magic different and worth your time to play, and cash if you choose to take part in the In App Purchases.  The story is well paced and interesting, and I am not a fantasy fan- I don’t drool over the latest tidbits concerning The Hobbit or anything that has men running around in loincloths carrying huge knives.storm of magic ios itunes shamrock games reivew triverse (2)

The graphics are great, just look at them.  The detail is amazing- sadly, a lot of it is missed on the tiny screen of my iPod Touch 4th Gen.   I was going through the few hundred pics for Storm of Magic and was surprised at the additional detail that is I was seeing.  Since this game is optimized for iPhone 5, that could explain the fact that there is a bit of scrolling around the play field to see it all (something not apparent in many Tower Defense titles).storm of magic ios itunes shamrock games reivew triverse (1)

Interaction with the enemy doesn’t end with placing towers in predefined locations, though that is a lot of the game.  Using spells, you can target certain enemies that the towers can’t handle on their own, this is cool in the spells are not “instant”.  There is a bit of planning when casting a meteor spell, it doesn’t happen immediately so you have to lead your enemy just a bit.storm of magic ios itunes shamrock games reivew triverse (3)

Storm of Magic won’t make you a fan of the genre but it can certainly find its way onto a lot of iOS devices that other, similar, titles won’t reach.

Storm of Magic by Shamrock Games
Platform: iOS (iPod Touch 4th Gen used for review)
Genre: Tower Defense that is not boring
In App Purchase: Yes
Rated: 9+
Score: 80/100
Available now on iTunes.

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