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Review: Tehra: The Dark Warrior Playstation Minis

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Tehra: The Dark Warrior is a “sweet” game to me, one of those that I simply enjoy, even well after having “reviewed” it earlier this year on iOS. This is a review of the PSP Minis version, which, honestly, I feel is WORLDS better. Why? Actual controller buttons, also being able to view the action without hindrance of my fingers blocking anything. Gotta love having physical controller buttons to press (I have nothing against touch screen gaming, I am just “old school” about control methods).

The big thing, besides controller input, is the graphics, this is what is going to be the one thing most gamers pay attention to. In this regard, both the PSP and iOS version are pretty close to each other, there is no real clear cut winner. PSP edges out the iOS version due to more screen space being visible to the player.

Gameplay wise, I simply enjoyed the PSP version of Tehra more. That is solely based on the control method available as the game is the same on both platforms (this is a current generation Genesis versus SNES battle for those that remember those days). Take the snake battle (goodness, I love games that have massive snake battles, first Robo Warrior on NES, now Tehra). On iOS, this boss was a pain in the butt, the room traps were hard to avoid at a moments notice (when you have a giant snake lunging at you, it is a moment that REQUIRES precise controls). That was then, when I arrived at this boss on the PSP, I was challenged by the boss and room traps, not the controls, I was able to have a satisfying battle with that evil slithering creature and was filled with glee when I vanquished it on my third try.

Many will feel that Tehra is not a worthy title to compare the two, vastly, different platforms but well, there aren’t a whole lot of options (cross platform releases are not that popular at this time for some reason). I remember when we had up to five different platforms, all receiving a version of a game (whether they could handle it or not-Mr. Nutz and Zoop on Gameboy, I am looking your direction). Nowadays, for the most part, hand helds get the shaft as far as ports go (or when they do occur, they are VASTLY different than the console counterparts such as the case with Metal Gear Solid on iOS). Take it as you will though, just give both a try if you have the hardware to do so, if not, either version is a great addition to any gamers library.

Tehra: The Dark Warrior by StormBASIC Games
Platform: PSP
Rated: 16 by PEGI
Score: 75/100
Available now on the Playstation Network and the iTunes App Store.

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