Review: The Mummy Demastered for Nintendo Switch

Movie tie-in games have a long and not so illustrious history. Developer WayForward also has a history of movie tie-in games, but also a history of great retro-inspired games. Universal’s The Mummy reboot did not take off at the movie theater, but will the video game fare any better? Let’s take a look.

The Mummy Demastered is the latest release from California based developer, WayForward. Known for their pixel art, WayForward doesn’t stray from that here with The Mummy Demastered taking a 16-bit like appearance. They also are no stranger to “Metroidvania” titles, which is what this game is. The hook here is once you die (and you will), your character is reborn as one of the mummy’s undead army. All your power ups stay with that now undead character. You must find and kill them to get your stuff back. Somewhat similar to the Aliens: Infestation also from WayForward on the Nintendo DS, just without the power up loss. The goal is to take down the resurrected Princess Ahmanet, but in traditional Metroid fashion, you’re way too underpowered at the start of the game. The death aspect brings in a touch of strategy to this ‘vania game. While you will start just outside a boss room if you kick the bucket, other areas will put you back at the latest checkpoint. That could be a good ways away from where zombie-you is playing with your former weapons. Unfortunately, this could also just make you want to restart the game instead of backtracking.

The default weapon may have unlimited ammo, but enemies can take a good deal of punishment before you are able to vanquish them with that pea shooter. The health replenishes are not very forgiving either. Enemies deal out a ton of damage and if they drop health, it is a fraction of what they take. This could make you cautious and try to inch along killing everything before moving on. Good luck with that. Bats and birds have not been as infuriating since the original Ninja Gaiden on the NES. One hit zombie kills from Castlevania don’t hold a candle to these basic enemies either. They are fast and lethal. Your best bet is to try and find power ups as quickly as possible and try not to die once you have them. Bosses are massive and also present a tough challenge.

Altogether, The Mummy Demastered is a solid game that is worth your money. At $20, though, I can understand being a little hesitant to drop the funds. Personally, I say it’s worth that much, but that’s a choice you will have to make. With a certain ex-plumber having a big game coming out in a few days, maybe that choice is tougher then it normally would be. Just don’t forget about this WayForward game. It looks fantastic and plays like a dream…once you master the controls.

The Mummy Demastered by Wayforward
Platform: Nintendo Switch (review), Steam, Playstation 4 (PSN)
Genre: 2D Action, Adventure
Rated: E for Everyone 10+ on Nintendo Switch, Playstation Network, and Steam