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Review: Train Conductor 2 by The Voxel Agents on The Zeepad 7″ ICS Android Tablet

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The Voxel Agents know how to make a cool, addicting, game out of a premise that just doesn’t sound that cool.  I mean, who really thinks being a train conductor would be a cool game, yet here we are with the second game in the series on Android.  Awhile back, when we had Video Game Cowboys up and running, I reviewed the iOS version of this game and while it was fun, there are some major differences on Android.

The basic premise is the same, trains have a number on them and the tracks are numbered, it is up to you to put them together to rack up deliveries without crashing into other trains (which will cause you to lose immediately in most cases).  As in the iOS version there are special trains from time to time, level hazards and of course an ever mounting number of trains  that need safe delivery to their destinations.

There is a special challenge mode available in the Android version where extra points are awarded for train length when properly delivered (you get a handful of lives in this mode).  Delivering a golden train turns that track to gold in all modes, celebrating your achievements even when not in challenge mode.

There is a bit of stutter on the Zeepad when there are two trains going to hit each other, probably because the device is loading the animations.  This is not a deal breaker but it is noticeable and somewhat jarring.  Other than that, we have Train Conductor 2 on Android and it runs great.

Train Conductor 2 by The Voxel Agents
Platform: Android
Genre: Adventure/Casual Puzzle
Rated: Everyone on Google Play
Score: 85/100
Available now on Google Play.

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