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Rock Your S7300 Tablet #1: Beach Buggy Blitz

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Beach Buggy Blitz and me go way back, well, not THAT far back but far enough to know it is a great title to use as a benchmark for graphics and control across various Android devices.  That is why I have chosen it for the first post in our new series: Rock Your S7300 Tablet.  You may think, after reviewing Beach Buggy Blitz on two other Android devices (Zeepad and S601) already, that there can’t be anything really to talk about that would be that different here (you are right, this is not a review by the way).

On the S7300 the first thing that will come to mind will probably be the loading time (10 to 15 seconds compared to closer to a minute for initial loading).  The game is just faster also on the S7300, there is more going on all around in the levels from more obstacles to run over to bridges where there weren’t bridges before and even a new level.

Back to the graphics, check below for a comparison of the water, rock and car graphics (the top shot is from the S601 while the bottom pic is from the S7300):

The lava level is another level that benefits from the power of the S7300, the track is clearer, more creatures are up in the air, plumes of smoke fill the base of the lavafalls and more little details.

Another level that is almost completely different on the S7300 is the swamp level.  This level features tons of foliage to race through, I mean, lots of foliage.  Clearer Easter Island style heads in the background and much smoother reflections in the water not to mention better water physics.

The main area that most players attribute to Beach Buggy Blitz is the beach level, probably because it is the first level and most often experienced.  Tiki torches, bones and additional barrels litter the beach scene.  The rocks surrounding the level are cleaner and sharper than previous versions we have covered to boot (notice the key here is everything is clearer and sharper?).  Leaned up against some of the buildings are surf boards of various colors- something completely missing in the other two versions we have reviewed.Tunnels also show benefits such as bridges and watery creeks to cross and foliage for some reason.  The echo effects are also pronounced on the JXD S7300.

The all new level that was unveiled in the latest update, the frozen world, is quite similar to the lava stages in the track being raised and twisting.  Little penguins scurry around the track as the racers fling around the track

Beach Buggy Blitz still holds the title of best looking and playing Android title that I have experienced so far.  Playing BBB on the JXD S7300 is like playing an all new game, well at least a sequel like Capcom would do it thanks to the addition of the frozen level, graphical updates in the original levels and increase in speed (or at least the “feel” of more speed).

Grab Beach Buggy Blitz on Google Play and see what all the fuss is about.

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