Rockbot Review, Fanmade Mega Man Game Rocks

Okay, it is pretty clear that Capcom are transitioning down with their new IPs and rebooting of classic titles.  That is bad news for everyone but Street Fighter fans, which apparently writes checks in its sleep.  Well, there is a dedicated group of fans that are not content with letting Capcom’s blue bomber sit idly by, at least not his style of game.  I played Rockbot on my PSP 3000 so this review will focus on that version.  There are other ports available from the Upperland website though so head over and see what they have.

First thing first, there are some assets from the Mega Man series included in Rockbot so anyone that has a problem with that probably should go ahead and read something else here on Retro Gaming Magazine.  Alright, now that those readers are off enjoying their day, let’s get down to business here.

Rockbot is tough.  I cannot state whether it is as tough as Mega Man 9 and 10 but it is tough.  I have only really played one Mega Man game, the second one, and beaten it many times over.  I love that one.  I have tried the others but they just don’t have the same charm for me.  Rockbot doesn’t have it either.  There was just something about the challenge level, the level designs, etc of the second Mega Man game.

Rockbot plays fine, there is a little misjudgment involved as far as the jumping mechanic.  Your character comes down at such a fast pace that it is sometimes hard to gauge if he is going to land safely or fall to his death.  Other than that, this could pass as a Mega Man Gaiden or something. Rockbot_PSP_Mega_Man_Upperland (4)

The usual Mega Man trappings are here- multiple bosses with a select screen, each boss has a unique level leading up to them- some shorter than others though.  There are a few mid bosses to worry about also which can be a nice touch depending on how you feel about a beefy challenge.

What is really cool about what Upperland have done here is, Rockbot runs on an SDL library which means it is quite portable.  Like I mentioned early in this review, I played Rockbot on my PSP 3000 but it is available for many other platforms including Windows and Nintendo Wii and even Android.

For free, you can’t beat the price on Rockbot.  Hardcore Mega Man fans will love it while casual action gaming fans will probably react the same as they would with an authentic Mega Man game.  Take it as you will.  For me, Rockbot was better than average, just not Mega Man 2.

Rockbot by Upperland
Platform: PSP (reviewed), Linux, Android, PSP, PS2 and Wii
Genre: Action
Available now on the Upperland website.

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