Rocket Man is a New Game Boy Game in Development

New Game Boy games are not exactly beating gamers over the heads.  I am going to ignore the recent news about Flappy Bird finally coming to the Game Boy here since I want to focus on games people would actually want to play.  One such title in development is Rocket Man by Imanolea’s Games.  What Rocket Man appears to be is a 2D side scrolling run and gun game, similar to Contra, but you are in control of an armored character instead of a bare chested military person.  To be more exact, it appears that you are controlling Boba Fett from Star Wars fame.

The most recent development video release features actual, cold hard, combat.  Specifically, Imanolea’s Games show off the collision detection with enemy firepower.  Previous development videos show off aspects such as some of the enemies you will face and weapons you can expect to use/encounter.  There is also a development video showing off Rocket Man running on an actual Game Boy Advance SP hand held.  This last video shows off just how well Rocket Man runs on the cherished Nintendo hand held (it runs great).

The original Game Boy is not exactly the first hand held of choice that I would go with for a new run and gun title.  The screen on the Game Boy is not great, though the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Color improve on this problem quite well.  Right now I am not aware of when, or how, Rocket Man will be released- physical cartridge or digital, or both.

The Game Boy palette is often used as the basis for modern developers in many game jams and programming parties.  The minimalist capabilities really force developers to focus on gameplay and quality game development since they cannot depend on superb graphics to carry their game.  Rocket Man is about on par with second generation Game Boy games, graphically.

Source: Imanolea’s Games via forums