Rovio Reaches Four Billion Downloads for Their Games

Rovio logo

This is not a milestone that should be taken lightly. Four billion downloads is a lot. I don’t care how you slice it. This is four billion downloads across all platforms that Rovio has supported, even still, it is FOUR BILLION game downloads! Seriously, how do you wrap your head around that? That monumental feat was accomplished starting with the release of Angry Birds in 2009 so about eight to nine years.

1,234,567.9 game downloads per day.

That is 51,440.32 downloads of their games per hour. Simply mind boggling when you think about it.

Rovio have managed this feat mainly with games in the Angry Birds franchise. From mixing up the aesthetics with new seasonal themes to popular licenses such as Star Wars and even taking the series into space, Rovio kept the mad birds flying through the digital ether. Marketing for this franchise was through the roof with movies, plush toys, etc.

The Angry Birds have not just staid locked into the flick genre either. With the Transformers team up they entered the scrolling action realm with an on rails shooter that was quite good.

Then there are the other games from Rovio that show the company is not just Angry Birds. Amazing Alex, Bad Piggies, nibblers and Battle Bay, etc show that Rovio can expand outside their comfort zone and still find some success. While their characters are not as recognizable as Mario, Rovio can rival Nintendo with breadth of family friendly entertainment.

This achievement is not one to sneeze at as very few game companies can lay claim to such a record. The Finland based company deserves a hearty round of applause for their accomplishment.

I am interested in seeing what else they come out with. While I was not a fan of Bad Piggies or Amazing Alex, I did find myself playing A LOT of Angry Birds Transformers as I missed that Major Mayhem feel. Maybe a sequel is in the works?

Check their website out for more information on their games.

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