Shadowgate Leaps onto Android and iOS

Previously I have covered the original Shadowgate on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the buildup and launch on Windows of the remake and now, I am covering that remake releasing on Android and iOS.  Shadowgate is a point and click adventure title that has more than a small cult following.  Fans of Shadowgate probably remember the atmosphere that was created in the original.  This was hard for the time because, especially on the NES, colors were not quite right to induce scares and graphically, it was harder.  Those problems have been fixed with the remake, it appears.

“With the high popularity of touch-based games, it was only natural to bring Shadowgate to smart phones and tablets,” said David Marsh, founder at Zojoi. “This version has everything the PC version has so it’ll fun to see how many different ways players will meet the Grim Reaper in this new handheld Shadowgate!”

Shadowgate on Windows and now iOS and Android is one of the few titles coming out that features hand drawn art.  This is quickly becoming a lost art, sadly.  You are tasked with a similar job as you were in the original, an evil wizard is running amok and you have to stop it.  Pretty simple.  What is not simple is how you will go about accomplishing that feat.

Point and click adventures and mobile devices is a match made in heaven.  Their storied history does have a few attempts on consoles but the controls always held them back- hard to be precise with a controller icon onscreen.  Just be warned.  If you are planning on grabbing Shadowgate on your mobile device, make sure you have a LARGE screen device.  This is a word of warning that is offered up in all official copy for the remake of this classic so I figure it is a good idea to repeat it here.

Shadowgate by Reverb Triple XP
Platform: Android and iOS
Genre: Point and click adventure
In App Purchases: None
Rated: Teen on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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