Sheep it Up Released for Nintendo Game Boy

Sheep it Up

New Game Boy games are not all that a common occurrence. Honestly, it is not something we see often. Sheep it Up is a brand-new Game Boy title that uses all brand-new components which makes it even more of a rare occurrence. I hope you like jumping games, folks.

Sheep it Up is a game that tells the tale of a sheep that is just wanting to get as high as he can. This is accomplished by leaping into the air and getting attached to swinging platforms that have Velcro on their undersides. Leap from platform to platform and earn a higher score. Miss a platform and well, it will be red wool all over the ground and a game over for you.

Sheep it Up

Sheep it Up is like those early mobile games like Ninja Jump and such. You must time your jumps to reach the next platform as it swings by. Some platforms are stationary and require you to wait for one to swing by before leaping. This can cause some rather interesting timing issues as platforms move at different speeds.

As I mentioned already, Sheep it Up is produced with all brand-new components. No original Game Boy carts have been destroyed to make Sheep it Up. That is a respectable fact.

If you want to grab a copy of Sheep it Up then head to and have your PayPal ready.

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