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Sims Mobile

Electronic Arts know how to ruin a good thing on mobile. For proof just look at how they handled Dungeon Keeper. The Sims Mobile is no different either. While I wish I could say this was a mobile version of the computer game, which I guess it technically is, it is laden with In App Purchases and wait timers that will kill all fun you thought you were going to have. Such a shame.

There are free to play games, which Sims Mobile is, that are quite good and then there are the ones that push you into a paywall at nearly every chance possible. Which Sims Mobile does at every turn.

There are a few staples in Sims Mobile that will make fans smile but they are few and far between. Well, honestly, they are quite up front and brief. That is the Sims creator mode and the home decoration feature. Of course, this is Electronic Arts and that means wait timers and In App Purchases at every turn possible.

The basics of the Sims franchise are here – you can create a personalized Sim, or run with a pre-created one, you can guide them through their lives and careers and even love life. This is the basics of the Sims franchise and it is alive and well on the mobile platform.

The way that the timers are handled is a little unique. While there are timers for everything, this is something that is common with the Sims franchise. Think about it, when has anything in a Sims game happened instantly after clicking it? Other than adding furniture and such there is not much that happens instantly in the Sims games. Even on computers.

On mobile it is no different. The difference is, when selecting what you want to do, you have an idea of the amount of time you will have to wait for the action to complete. This is for all actions from doing dishes to talking with another Sim.

One place that the timer takes a toll is the interactions with other Sims. The longer actions you can do with them can be sped up a bit with some interaction on your part. This kind of makes it a little easier to stomach waiting for the timer to count down. Mainly, as you complete trivial things within the overall goal of the task at hand. As you complete these little tasks within the larger task (such as making friends) you will earn small speed ups for the timer.

Actions in The Sims Mobile have energy costs as well. This is how you will end up paying for In App Purchases. Even if you are attempting to complete an overall goal you will have to use energy per task. The cost is clearly visible, so you can manage your available energy though you will eventually run out as you play. That is the nature of the game, to get you to part with real world cash to buy virtual items.

For fans of the Sims franchise there is a lot to like here. While I am not a fan of the computer games, I still found myself enjoying this more than I did Avengers Academy or Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff – two other mobile games laden with In App Purchases and timers for everything. If you take on the challenge of raising a Sim of your own, just be warned, there are a lot of IAP to worry about and the paywall will come eventually. How much fun you get out of it before that point is up to you.

The Sims Mobile by EA
Platform: Android (Huawei Ascend XT used for review) and iPhone
Genre: Simulation
In App Purchases: This is an EA game, what do you think?
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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