Sine Mora Ex on Nintendo Switch versus Playstation 3

I am a huge fan of scrolling shooters. I suck at them but I like things that go boom in pretty explosions. Years ago, though, about 25 years or so, I was really good at these, never able to one man any single game but still able to beat man with the allotted lives. Years of playing Bejeweled clones and strategy games has let my scrolling shooter skills fade quite a bit. That doesn’t mean I can’t recognize a good one when they come along. Sine Mora is just that – a good scrolling shooter and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

In the video by Cycu1 we can see direct comparisons between the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 3 versions of the game. I know the Playstation 3 console is quite old now but it is still a graphically impressive port.

What is interesting to me about Sine Mora, besides great graphics and a challenge level set to medium/high is the transitions. Do you remember that Playstation One release called Philosoma? That game had transitions and such but they were all handled through CGI animations. Sine Mora does something similar but it is all handled in the game engine keeping immersion in the challenge high.

Scrolling shooter fans know the name Sine Mora quite well. My first experience with the title was on Android back when I had a JXD Android gaming tablet. Great times.

Sine Mora is planned to hit the Nintendo Switch sometime in the third quarter of 2017 (so not much longer). Are you excited for this port? Which looks better to you? I like the Nintendo Switch version from the comparison video.

Tell us in the comments what your favorite scrolling shooter is. We do pay attention to what our readers want to see more of and this is a great way to let us know while having a bit of fun.

Carl has been gaming on the go since the days of Tiger Electronics and the original Game Boy. Portability is a big factor in gaming across all ages.