Six Traditional Strategy Role Playing Games on Android

Okay, I am a retro gamer from the old days.  I have been playing since the days of Pong into the Atari 2600 era through to today.  When the crash happened I just thought it was a resetting of the industry- it kind of was.  During my younger years I was a huge fan of the action games, not only because that was really all we had either.  When I got my first taste of turn based strategy role playing though, I was almost instantly hooked.  Sure, I had the usual awkward stage of “what is this?” then after keeping on and pushing forward, I figured out the basics and started really enjoying the style.  One of my earliest memories of this style of game was back on the Commodore 64 but I can’t remember the title of the game.  The earliest popular title, in this genre, I remember enjoying was Shining Force on the Sega Genesis.  Since then I have followed the genre through Vandal Hearts (Konami/PSOne), Shining Force II/CD (Sega/Genesis and Sega CD) and of course, Final Fantasy Tactics (I playing FFTA on the GBA a ton).  Now I am more of an Android gamer and well, I learned early on there are not a lot of options in this genre on Google’s OS.  I did find a few and they are listed here.

Dragonfall Tactics

A giant world, tactical battles, squares on the ground showing movement and nicely animated characters.  Staples of this genre are all present in Dragonfall Tactics.  Played from an isometric angle giving a slight nod to the classic Shining Force series (the battle scenes), Dragonfall Tactics features classic characters and interesting battles.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Square Enix brought the fan favorite/cult following Final Fantasy Tactics to Android and it was received rather well.  This was partly due to it not being just a PSOne emulator running the ISO of the 1997 original.  No, Square Enix went outside the box with this port by actually reworking menus and interaction with the game improving it for touch screen devices.  The price tag is the only real problem here.  I don’t mind paying for quality games but for many, a price tag of over $10 is going to be a stickler holding them back.

Legna Tactica

This is a title that is very close to that of Final Fantasy Tactics- the playfield is quite similar and battles are handled the same.  Direction is taken into account in your damage (flanking or rear attacks are more deadly than facing your enemy).  Legna Tactica is another premium title, like FFT, but a little cheaper at around $7.50 or so.

Lionheart Tactics

Take Final Fantasy Tactics and make it 3D and you will have a good idea of the look that Lionheart Tactics runs with.  Lionheart Tactics has a very cinematic flare to it with sweeping camera angles, camera placement for key attacks and more.  Interesting concept.

Skyland Clash

This is a public beta release but don’t let that stop you.  This is also the loosest definition of the genre for this article.  The basic elements are there though.  You can play against other real players in Skyland Crash which is interesting.

Spectral Souls

Kemco are no strangers to gaming, they have been around for decades and during that time they have published a lot of titles.  One that is of interest for this article is Spectral Souls.  The battles are fought in contained arenas- unlike those of Final Fantasy Tactics and legna Tactica.  Purportedly there is over 100 hours of play time here, NVIDIA Shield compatibility and nearly 100 characters to either play as or interact with.  Price wise, Spectral Souls falls between that of Legna Tactica and Final Fantasy Tactics at about $12.