Sling Ming Coming to Nintendo Switch

Sling Ming Nintendo Switch

On rails puzzle games are an interesting idea. Your path through a level is pretty much set but you must figure out how to make it safely. Think of Sling Ming as Cut the Rope in reverse and there being more to it than just one single screen at a time. Where Sling Ming is unique is the play mechanics in, well, play here.

Using the Oxylane transit system you can fly, around corners and defy gravity. Your goal is to recover the keys to unlock a mysterious vault beneath the castle with your goal being to stop a great evil that is consuming your kingdom. Whew. Nothing major.

Sling Ming is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure game featuring some rather unique predicaments you must survive. The Oxylane nodes are going to require you to get used to them before you can advance too far. Momentum and inertia will play a significant role in your use of the Oxylane nodes as well.

What appears to be a simple “swinging” game will quickly turn into a real challenge for your brain and your reflexes. Just flicking and tapping is going to get you only so far. You are going to have to pay attention to the upcoming challenges that you can immediately see, and plan for the potential difficulties you will face as you progress in the level.

Honestly, Sling Ming looks interesting. It is a unique take on puzzle games – not an easy feat today considering how many brain teasing titles have been released so far.

While not as innovative as Tetris (what is?), Sling Ming appears to have that “one more game” appeal that good puzzle games need to succeed. We will see how fans respond come this Spring.

Sling Ming by Good Night Brave Warrior.
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Puzzle, adventure
Rated: 3 Pegi
Available Spring 2018 on the Nintendo eShop.

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