Snatcher Being Ported to Nintendo Virtual Boy by Homebrew Developer

Snatcher, the digital comic that simply did not take off in North America like Konami would have liked.  Honestly, I cannot feign not understanding why it didn’t sell well.  First it was only available for an add-on device, the Sega CD, which did not exactly set sales records in the United States.  Second, it was not marketed all that well, I can only name one print advertisement that I saw for it and I am not sure I even saw that since I cannot find it in the 400+ gaming magazines I own.  Konami did have the balls to bring it to North America and, for that, they do command a bit of respect.  There is a homebrew developer that is looking to expand the platforms that Snatcher is available for by porting it to the Nintendo Virtual Boy of all things.

Currently Snatcher for Virtual Boy is a demo, it ends around the point where you are to leave Alton Plaza (a good half hour or so into the game).  For what is there, it is amazing to see it running on the Virtual Boy, even though it is really just some basic images with a menu system- there is a ton of text that has to be formatted for the Nintendo “portable” to understand/display correctly.  This is no small task in even getting this far.

This port is a tribute to a previous developer that had expressed interest in doing this, Red Metal.  Red Metal passed away before he could get very far in creating his version of the port so forum member, Thunderstruck, took up the challenge and has created what we have now.  Thunderstruck continues to work on Snatcher for Virtual Boy, stating that this demo is representative of about 200 to 300 hours of work (this is not simply running the Sega CD version through an emulator but native code).

We will be following this as it develops.

Source: via Retrocollect

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