Soviet-style, Tower Block Tetris Released onto Android

More than 25 years ago, the infamous Tetris was in the hands of every single kid on this Earth. It was such an addictive game that made most of us forget about our friends, family, and well… school, of course. Our whole worlds at the time depended on the time and place when we’d be able to play. That, naturally, wasn’t ours to decide, but our parents’. I remember my mum blackmailing me into doing my homework if I wanted to play. That was the best motivation ever to complete my school tasks if you know what I mean.

Luckily for those of us who are still nostalgic about that simple but progressive game, Tetris never really disappeared; it is now reincarnating in all kinds of shapes.

The first main goal in the Tetris that we know was to align falling blocks into lines. The blocks were falling down the screen and you were supposed to arrange them quickly, without gaps, into lines of 10. The objective of the game stays still the same today, but with certain design modifications.

What’s the newest Tetris version?

The newest Tetris version that’s on the market today is the Tower Block Tetris. It is designed by Lukas Valiauga, a Lithuanian designer who has clearly intended to bring Tetris (along with the addiction) back to our worlds, because he designed a mobile game (emphasis on “mobile”: able to move, moving, ambulant). Get ready to once again leave everything around you aside and have your phones in your hands!

So, what do we know about Tower Block Tetris?

It is a game in which the traditional Tetriminos (Tetris blocks) are replaced by pre-fabricated concrete blocks that make up Soviet-era-like looking buildings.

Fun fact: The Tetris we know was designed in 1984 by a Russian designer, Alexey Pajitnov. The new game, Tower Block Tetris is a tribute to a not-so-fun and actually really monotonous era of socialist modernism.

The designer thinks of the game as a fun way to trigger an engaging interaction about how architecture is changing and it should be. As for further upgrades, the designer has some ideas like incorporating other era’s architectural styles, as a symbol that changes are good.

He says, and with every right, that the Soviet-style buildings still stand as marks of failure and wrong social organization. Being able to demolish them in the game by yourself would give you so much pleasure, right?

Where can we find our Tetris games?

So, if you’re up for a round of Tower Block Tetris, go to your Google Play Store and download it on your Android device. Or, if you really miss the old, standard Tetris version, you can find it on Novibet. Changes, development, growth are important, as Valiauga suggest, so the Tower Block Tetris is definitely a must-try. But, in case you need to remind yourself how the old Tetris felt like, don’t be shy and look it up. It is waiting for you.