Space Rangers Quest Hopes iPhone Android Windows Gamers Remember Text Adventures

In the early days of computing there were no graphical powerhouse games.  Things were simpler back then.  More than likely if you were playing games on your computer in the early 80’s, if you had one, you were playing with wire frame graphics or more likely a text adventure.  These text adventures were pretty much like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that somehow hold on to some popularity today (I am certainly on the lookout for them).  Over the years as graphics improved the text adventure was pushed back farther and farther from the forefront of gaming.  Space Rangers Quest hopes gamers on Android, iPhone and Windows computers remember the text adventure and are willing to support a new one in that style.

Considering how times have changed, 1C are trying to bring the classic genre into the modern era.  The better part of Space Rangers Quest is text adventure/CYOA there are many segments with, gasp, graphics and menus to work with.  This is fine as it will help those of us with limited imaginations thanks to Blu-Ray, HD, 1080P interlaced progressive surround sound doohickeys blasting at us for the last decade or so.

Space Quest Rangers features three different play styles that increase the replayability, a classic sci-fi saga storyline to keep you coming back and a vast universe (maybe not as big as No Man’s Sky but this doesn’t reset after two weeks).  There will be epic battles to fight, evil non-human and human probably creatures to defeat and worlds to discover- mostly using your imagination.  Who is ready for Space Rangers Quest?

Space Rangers Quest by 1C
Developer: SNK-Games
Genre: Text adventure
In App Purchases: Unknown
Platform: Android, iPhone and Windows PC’s
Rated: Unknown
Available August 27th, 2016 on iPhone and September 5th for Android and Windows PC’s via Steam