Space Rangers Quest Released

I did a news article about Space Rangers Quest in late August and well, my how time has flown.  This text heavy graphical adventure is now available on Steam, Android and iPhone!  Now, most of you reading this will not be as happy about this as I am- not everyone is a text adventure games.  For those that are more into reading books, these types of games are close cousins to those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books but more ambitious since there is no page count to worry about. 

As I mentioned already, Space Rangers Quest is a graphic based text adventure.  This just means that the developer, 1C, have helped your slacking imagination with some graphics to better understand what is going on.  This is fine by me as years of playing graphic action games has certainly made my imagination wither from its once great lengths.  Sad, I know.  I suspect I am not alone there though.

Now, if you are a fast action fan and someone that requires tons of animation to satisfy your gaming urge games like Space Rangers Quest is probably not for you.  For the rest of us, this is a rewarding adventure through space and interacting with non-human aliens and possibly ending their lives in spectacular ways.  I am sure there is a diplomatic option in there but I usually don’t go for that if given the option.

Fans of Zork and similar text adventures will probably enjoy this update to the genre.  It is refreshing to see a text based graphical adventure released on Android and iPhone as for the most part they are not popular on mobile due to text input requirements.  I will be reviewing Space Rangers Quest soon and will report back on how it works.  If you are not interested in waiting, head over via the links below and grab it on the platform of your choice.

Space Rangers Quest by 1C
Developer: SNK-Games
Genre: Text adventure
In App Purchases: Unknown
Platform: Android, iPhone and Windows PC’s
Rated: Unknown
Available now on iPhone, Android and Steam for Windows