Space Squash for Nintendo Virtual Boy Now Available in English

Fans have translated the Japanese exclusive Space Squash to English.  For those that are not up on their Japanese exclusive games, Space Squash was released for the Nintendo Virtual Boy.  I know, I know, big deal, no one cares about the Nintendo Virtual Boy.  Well, apparently, according to our stats, there are a lot of fans for Nintendo’s failed “portable”.  Space Squash is a futuristic interpretation of the physically demanding game, Squash, just now it is rendered in black and red dots in full on 3D.

Space Squash offers plenty of options for those willing to brave the headache inducing visuals.  Best of Five is the standard mode that you will be playing Space Squash in but that doesn’t mean that this is just Squash in 3D on a non-portable portable.  There are various power ups that will help you in your quest to defeat your opponent, also you can make use of the walls to get the ball in a hard to return position for your opposition.  There are even bosses to contend with in Space Squash.

Generally, Space Squash is accepted as an overall good game.  It is a shame that we did not see this game in North America during the short period that the Nintendo Virtual Boy was commercially available.  We all know the device could have used more games than we saw for it.

Head to to grab the translation patch file.  We cannot link to the actual game ROM as that is copyrighted and not available as freeware.