Square Enix Updates Chrono Trigger on Mobile, Steam

Chrono Trigger was one of those role-playing games that made Super Nintendo owners jump with glee upon release. It was simply a game that Sega had no competition for and SNES fans knew it. This was before Square Enix jumped ship to the Sony PlayStation, sealing the fate of the Sega Saturn in North America (and no doubt in Japan as well). At the time of release, Square Enix was a very much “Nintendo” company. Chrono Trigger proved that fact. Since then, Square Enix has released their time hopping RPG on many platforms, including mobile platforms. Recently, they updated Chrono Trigger with improved graphics and controller support on mobile.

This graphical update also appeared on the Steam version of Chrono Trigger as well.

Mobile fans will notice that the touch controls are ever so slightly improved with the update. This is great news if you were hoping for more from the mobile port – more than basically the SNES game quality graphics we have enjoyed for over 20 years now.

Square Enix are finally learning and giving fans what they want. Grab your copy of Chrono Trigger on Android, iPhone, and Steam. If you prefer physical copies check out eBay.uare

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