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Star Gems Review – JXD S601 Android

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Anyone that has been a computer gamer for very long has probably run into various smashing games like Clickomania and SameGame and the many clones that have spawned over the years.  Star Gems is a “Clickomania” clone with a twist, a Tetris Attack twist that changes the game into something almost completely new.  Rather than swapping gems around and making matches like in Tetris Attack, in Star Gems, you click on sets of three or more gems and they disappear being slowly replaced by gems coming up from the bottom (the TA twist).  Finishing a level is not about clearing the screen of gems, nah, that would be too “Clickomaniaish”, in Star Gems, you only have to destroy UFO’s, by removing gems from directly underneath them.  Each level will require a larger number of UFO’s to be removed and the gems will rise slightly faster than before.  When any one column reaches the top of the screen the game will end.  Not hard but terribly addictive.

JXD S601 Specifics:

Star Gems works great on the resistive screen of the JXD S601, no multi touch required either.  If you are a Clickomania fan, a recovering addict or just looking for a new twist on a popular theme, here you go.  Grab Star Gems today.

Star Gems by Balloon Island
Platform: Android
Rating: Everyone
Score: 93/100
Available now on Google Play
JXD S601 used for review, to learn more about this device, please read our JXD S601 article.  Purchase your JXD S601 from Willgoo.com today.

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