Star Wars Last Jedi Wallpapers from OnePlus 5T Available

Star Wars the Last Jedi

Star Wars fans are an interesting lot. Much like any fan really, I guess. The hardcore among them like to collect anything with the logo, characters, etc on it. Including digital items such as phone wallpapers. Luckily for Star Wars fans, OnePlus recently released their OnePlus 5T phone which includes some nifty Star Wars the Last Jedi wallpapers. Unfortunately, as well is, the OnePlus 5T is only available in India. While I cannot help you with the Star Wars blazoned back cover, I can help with getting those cool Star Wars the Last Jedi wallpapers on your current device.

The choice of Star Wars the Last Jedi wallpapers is quite cool. Lots of red, black, and white used to create stark images that are instantly recognizable to any fan.Star Wars the Last Jedi

Heads up on these, the OnePlus 5T display is 1080×2160 so keep that in mind when downloading these for your device. The images may not fit quite right, may be cropped, or zoomed up which could impact the way they appear on your device.

Star Wars the Last Jedi

Head over to the XDA Forums for the download.

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