Stormblades Review, Boss Rush Mode Enabled for Free

Stormblades Android Review

This is a tough game to review, much like Beast Quest was for me, because it is tough to put down. Kiloo, the publisher of Stormblades, has a hit on their hands. Personally, I love it and will tell you why in this review. If Beast Quest was the Super Mario 64 or Legend of Zelda of mobile fantasy gaming – free roaming, search out the action, talk to people, etc then Stormblades is the Crash Bandicoot of mobile fantasy gaming. The action is focused on this path and you are tasked with completing each challenge as it presents itself. No searching things out, no wondering around hoping to figure out what to do next by haphazardly triggering a story progressing event. Nope. In Stormblades, things are focused and in your face – nonstop action.

What is so addicting about Stormblades is the sword play against creatures that are many times your size. Some are mythical while others are more grounded. All that matters is that you survive this battle to take on the next, eventually leading to the stage boss.

Battles are like what I would call God of War style affairs but you are not waiting for on screen cues. Instead of waiting for alerts to push a button, you are instead paying attention for visual cues from your opponent. This is quite a rewarding method of gameplay and one that gives a sense of accomplishment that simply pressing the right button on cue could not.

Stormblades Android Review

When you first start playing Stormblades you are led through a tutorial that explains how to properly protect yourself. This is part of the charm of this game – how you defend against huge monstrosities that wish to disembowel you immediately.

If your opponent is swinging their weapon from over their head then you can counter that with a parry move going upward. If they are attacking from the left, you can parry from the right with a well-timed swing of your sword. This is a lot of fun – seeing if you can deflect all the attacks, completing the level without taking a hit is challenging especially in later levels.

Each enemy has an unblockable attack that you must avoid by double tapping the screen. Don’t worry, this move is a power move so they must power it up and that is when you have just a second or two to react accordingly. You see your enemy is low on energy so do you keep swiping attacks, hoping they fall before they can power up their power move or do you dodge and continue your barrage then? That is just part of the strategy involved in the battles.

Stormblades Android Review

As mentioned already, this is the Crash Bandicoot of mobile fantasy gaming. That is not a terrible thing either. The action comes quick, graphics are lush and audio is done well with environmental elements coming through at the right time. This is probably thanks to the fact that between battles you are on a track – no control over your movement. This is a shame as I really wanted to explore some of the locales available in Stormblades.

With a name like Stormblades, you better believe there are some nice swords to use in your quest. This is where you have a bit of lite role playing going on. Between levels you can purchase new blades, upgrade ones you already have, etc. Depending on how well you do in a level you can earn some decent money and put it into your weapons. Just be prepared to pay high prices versus what you are earning – did I forget to mention this is a free to play game?

Stormblades Android Review

While not perfect, many will complain about the on-rails between battles scenes, Stormblades is still quite challenging and fun to play. If you are into boss rush type gaming then you will feel right at home with this one. Every battle has that “boss” feel to it.

Grab Stormblades on Google Play and iTunes.

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