Story of Seasons Hilarious Graphical Glitch Gives Players a Full Moon

Story of Seasons: Trio of Town is the latest game in the series formerly known as Harvest Moon in the West. A mixture of the farming and social simulation genre, Story of Seasons is no stranger to hilarious, and often useful Glitches. Recently a user at the fan page Story of Seasons: Harvest Moon Friends on Facebook discovered a graphical glitch which promised to raise more than a few eyebrows. It’s not often, after all, that videogames give the website: People at Wal-Mart a run for their money. Especially if we consider Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns‘ E+10 age rating.

The glitch in question features the image of what appears to be the main character mooning the player. Even I had to do a double take when I first saw the image. However, many experienced players will be able to tell you right off the bat that it’s the shape on a cow’s nose standing behind the player character. The glitch in question appears to be triggered by simply brushing the cow from the front, but in order to gain more details we interviewed the original poster of the glitch for further commentary.

“Redacted from Facebook Messenger”

Dash Bomber: Miss Krisa, Hi, I’m a writer for RetroGamingMagazine.­com. I wanted to ask your permission as well as a few questions regarding that hilarious image you posted. The questions are as follows…

  1. How did you trigger this image?
  2. What was the character wearing?
  3. Was any particular action being performed?
  4. What was your initial reaction?

Krisa’s response: It’s not so much a glitch, more like a perfect timing photo I was doing the part-time job of brushing cows and looked away for a second; suddenly the cow I was brushing changed direction, and well, the rest was hilarious as we can all agree. The outfit I’m (the player character) wearing is really basic. It’s the work shorts you get from Lulukoko. All I did was brush the cow. It took me a second to realize what had happened, and immediately, I was laughing so hard I woke my husband. I kind of forgot to film it, too, as it looked like she was twerking. Wish I had, but I was too busy laughing.

I’m just glad everyone got some laughs on it as I sure did.

*End interview*

Videogames are often a barrel-full of laughs. In this case, while unintentional, developer Marvelous AQL should perhaps look at what happens when the cow’s design looks exactly like a butt. Who knows, perhaps this is a signal they need to change their assets instead of simply reusing them.