Super Mario Land 2 DX Updates Original Nintendo Classic with Color

Super Mario Land 2

Nintendo knew how to market their Game Boy, they steam rolled over the competition left and right back in the day (on for a couple of decades). One franchise that kept Nintendo and their Game Boy alive and well, regardless of the crappy screen in early models, was the Super Mario franchise. Super Mario Land was quite a departure from the Nintendo Entertainment System versions. Super Mario Land 2 was more in line with what fans were used to from this franchise, the only problem is it lacked color – even using the Super Game Boy on the Super Nintendo didn’t help as much as fans would have liked. A certain group of fans have taken matters into their own hands and not only added color but fixed other problems in the original Super Mario Land 2.

The simple change of adding color almost makes Super Mario Land 2 DX a brand new game. It is that striking to see Mario bouncing around in a color world when I am so used to this adventure being colorless. The team behind tihs hack did a great job in picking colors as well, it appears to be an official release they did so well.

Okay, I mentioned more fixes than just the color. The team went in and enabled the secondary processor in the Game Boy Color so there is no slowdown in Super Mario Land 2 DX. How cool is that?

To knock this one out of the park, the work was all done in ASM so you can play Super Mario Land 2 DX on your real world hardware! That is just above and beyond. So many hacks make changes that break real hardware compatibility, which sucks. I amd glad this team were able to do these changes within the limitations of the hardware so fans can enjoy this adventure the way it was meant to be enjoyed – on the go.


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