Super Mario Land 2 – Six Golden Coins Pushes Nintendo Game Boy – Today in Retro Gaming – November 2nd, 1992

Nintendo have a way of delivering more out of their hardware than what is first thought possible.  Take the original, salad green screen, Game Boy hand held for instance.  While Tetris was pretty good looking and true to other versions (it better be, it was just blocks), Super Mario Land was quite different versus the Nintendo NES versions.  Super Mario Land 2 – Six Golden Coins improved on the original hand held game in more ways than I can count.  Nintendo have a knack for this.

Super Mario Land 2 – Six Golden Coins doesn’t feature Bowser as the main antagonist.  Instead we are introduced to a new enemy, Wario.  Wario is quite the jerk too.  While Bowser kept stealing Mario’s girlfriend, Wario has stolen Mario’s freaking castle and his money.  What a greedy troll.

In this sequel to Super Mario Land fans will encounter some familiar enemies while battling all new ones.  The Goomba, for instance, makes a return – so do the turtle enemies.  Graphically there is no problem telling this is a Mario game.

Nintendo pushed the Game Boy hard with Super Mario Land 2 – Six Golden Coins.  The action is still 2D side scrolling run and jump as the screen scrolls.  There is also an overhead map, similar to Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo, and of course, big baddies at key points throughout.

There are a few classic power-ups that are available here while there is one brand new power-up.  The Magic Carrot power-up gives Mario a rabbit getup that allows higher jumps and even successive jumps by holding the button down.  Also, the Magic Carrot power-up allows you to “float” Mario down gently by hitting the jump button repeatedly – similar to the feather power-up in Super Mario World.

Super Mario Land 2 – Six Golden Coins is one of the finer, more graphical, Nintendo Game Boy games and deserves to be in your collection.  Head over to Ebay and grab a copy and just enjoy it because Nintendo doesn’t make them like this anymore.