Super Mario Odyssey Sells Three Million Units Worldwide in Three Weeks

Ah, good ole Mario. Where would Nintendo be without their carpenter turned plumber? Probably not where they are now. His breakout adventure on the Nintendo Switch has pushed past the three million units sold worldwide mark in its first month at retail. That is quite an accomplishment. It also speaks volumes to the types of games that we may start seeing more of on the Nintendo Switch when you consider Doom couldn’t break 100k units worldwide in its first week on the Switch.

This is probably to be expected though as Nintendo still has a strong family values focused public image – even after releasing mature titles like Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube and Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the Nintendo 64. That kid friendly image is just so hard to shake, just ask Justin Bieber.

Super Mario Odyssey has something most games don’t have. Nostalgia fingers so deep in the psyche of most gamers that it is probably going to take death to remove them. Nintendo knows this and that is why they allow these games to take as long as needed in R&D. It is just good business sense. Super Mario is the flagship Nintendo franchise, even though some would claim that is Zelda or Metroid, the sales figures don’t lie.

According to VGChartz Super Mario Odyssey sold –

1,326,116 units in the United States
895,008 units in Europe
712,742 units in Japan
142,563 in the UK
210,836 in Germany
207,734 in France

That is some impressive numbers for Super Mario Odyssey in just three weeks at retail. Anything less would be a surprise considering the franchise and the platform.

Nintendo knows their audience better than anyone and they know how to get gamers to part with that cold hard cash. The Nintendo Switch is shaping up to be quite a contender with great games and portability. Super Mario Odyssey seems to be fueling more support from gamers. Have you made the Switch yet?

Source: VGChartz


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