Super Mario Run Coming to Android

Super Mario Run has been a popular release, for more than one reason. People either love it or hate it – there is not much of a middle ground on this one. For many that hate the game, it is usually one of two reasons. One is the In App Purchase price of $10 or two, the fact that it is not available on Android. While that first problem is probably not going anywhere anytime soon, that second problem is about to get fixed. Gamers just have to be patient.

Nintendo of Japan’s president, Takeshi Kimishima, stated in an interview with that they have plans to bring Super Mario Run to the Android platform next year. This is great news as Android fans have been clamoring for the game to no avail.

In the first four days of being available, Super Mario Run has reportedly scored over 40 million downloads. This is great news for the debut title from the Big N themselves. Hopefully this will spur on more releases from them with other titles that fans have clamored for. What genre they will take on is a mystery though, as is exactly what titles could make the jump. Surely The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and maybe even Super Smash Bros could be on that short list of titles.

There have been countless clones available for years that have ripped off the general look or style of the Super Mario series. These clones have not been received as well as their developers would have probably hoped for. Now that Nintendo has officially made it clear that Super Mario Run is coming to Android next year these clones will probably have more trouble finding fans. Then again, with that $10 In App Purchase looming in Super Mario Run, clones may see an influx of new fans wanting just a quick, cheap, fix.