Super Mario Run for Android Available for Pre-Register

Earlier this month, we mentioned that Super Mario Run was coming to the Android platform. Now, more proof that it is, indeed, coming has been made available. For those that do not know what Super Mario Run is, it is an endless running game featuring the iconic plumber. Mario has served as the spokesman–of sorts–for Nintendo for several decades now. Coming to mobile devices such as Android and iPhone is a big step for Nintendo; they are usually quite protective of their intellectual properties. It is not often that Nintendo has let their characters appear on other platforms. Super Mario Run is the first in a long time.

Over on Google Play, you can now pre-register for Super Mario Run on Android. Yep, it is officially coming now. Of course, there is no date mentioned–trust me, I scoured the video, the pics and text on the page for any hint.

The concern is that this is an endless running game based on a gaming property that is anything but an endless runner.

Super Mario Run is an endless running game that, of course, featuring the plumber we all know and either love or hate. Over on the iOS platform, the buy rate was around four percent in the first few days. While I think that is abysmal, Nintendo still cleared over $10 million on the game during those few days, so can it really be considered a failure?

If you are not a fan of endless running games, then the entry price may be quite steep. Weighing in at $10 on the iPhone platform, and surely to keep that price when appearing on Android, Super Mario Run hopes to woo more players than similar titles. There is no denying the Mushroom Kingdom is interesting and one that many of us have no problem revisiting.

Source: Google Play