Super Mario Run Requires Internet Connection for Very Real Reason

Super Mario is coming to the iPhone in a few days, December 15, 2016, to be exact. That is great news for Apple iPhone users, bad news for everyone else. For many of us that watched Super Mario grow from his 2D incarnation battling Donkey Kong on girders up to his first standalone adventure and beyond, Super Mario Run just seems “wrong” for some reason. We probably shouldn’t feel this way though. This is not the first time Mario has struck out on a non-Nintendo owned platform. It is the first time that Mario has done so and still been developed in house by Nintendo, though. One concern, however, is that Super Mario Run will require an Internet connection to run in any of the three planned modes. The reason may surprise you . . .

In an interview with Mashable, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed various aspects of Super Mario Run. They touched on many things such as game modes, why Apple iPhone first, and more. The juicy part comes at the end of the interview when it is flat out asked: why the required Internet connection? The reason is due to piracy. This is the same reason that Android was not picked as the platform for Super Mario Run to debut on, too: piracy.

This is unsettling for me as I don’t own, nor care to own, an Apple iPhone or Apple iPad (I do own an iPod Touch 4th Gen, but it is woefully out of date now). For many like me, this means that Super Mario Run will be inaccessible. I want to play it, but not enough to warrant purchasing an iPhone or iPad to do so. Hopefully Nintendo will be able to come to some sort of reasoning that would allow Super Mario Run to come to Android.

Requiring an always-on Internet connection is not that big a deal, as many Android games do this already. Don’t have it, you are not playing; simple. That brings me to thinking there is more to this deal than simply piracy. The same requirements on Internet access can be placed on the game on Android as they can for iPhone and iPad. I think it has more to do with potential sales: Apple users will probably, according to some algorithm somewhere, pay for games like Super Mario Run (it is going to be a premium game, around $10 or so up front).

What do you think? Is there something more to the always-on Internet connection than just piracy?

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